Top 10 True Crime Podcast Episodes for June

We hope you are ready for some shocking, strange, and unsolved true crime podcasts! We’re back with some terrifying episode recommendations curated by Emily Thompson, true-crime blogger, and station manager of True Crime Radio.

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True Crime Brewery – Surviving Ted Bundy:

Life in the Aftermath of Serial Killer Ted Bundy. Rhonda Stapley was a student at the University of Utah. At 21-years-old, Rhonda was innocent. She grew up as a good Mormon girl. When Rhonda met Ted Bundy, she believed the image he portrayed: a fellow student, attractive, helpful and safe. When the mask of Ted was lifted, she would experience first hand the terror and agony he unleashed on his victims. In this episode of True Crime Brewery, we discuss the life and crimes of Theodore Robert Bundy as we learn about his victims and a survivor whose life was forever changed by what he did to her.

The Trail Went Cold – Episode 35 – Cindy Anderson:

August 4, 1981. Toledo, Ohio. 20-year old Cindy Anderson shows up for her job as a legal secretary at a law firm. Later that morning, Cindy’s co-workers arrive at the locked office and are surprised to discover that she has vanished. A romance novel is lying on Cindy’s desk and is open to a page describing a scene where a woman is abducted. This would only be one of many bizarre clues in a missing persons case which includes some haunting graffiti, a pair of chilling anonymous phone calls describing Cindy’s abduction, and a drug trafficking ring involving one of the lawyers at the firm. This week’s episode chronicles the baffling unsolved disappearance of Cindy Anderson. 

My Favorite Murder – 72 – Steven It Out:

This week, Karen and Georgia cover Larry Eyler aka The Highway Killer and The Pillow Pyro of Southern California, John Orr.

True Crime All the Time – Ep31 – Dorothea Puente “The Death House Landlady”:

In the 1980s, Dorothea Puente ran a boarding house for tenants many of whom were elderly or mentally disabled. On the outside, it appeared that Puente was providing a much-needed service to individuals that may have had nowhere else to turn. But in reality, she was murdering these individuals so that she could profit from their benefit checks long after they were dead. Join Mike and Gibby as they wade through the twists and turns of this fascinating case of Puente who become known as the “Death House Landlady”. Puente may have appeared as a loving grandmother to many, but her lust for money turned her into a grisly mass murderer. 

Beyond the Blood – EP10 – A Murder in Summerfield:

A teen love triangle and bitter Facebook feud culminated in the savage killing of a 15-year-old Florida boy who was lured to his death by his former girlfriend.

The Generation Why Podcast – The Beltway Snipers – 236:

The Beltway Snipers. Washington, D.C. October, 2002. Fear grips the beltway as random people are shot dead in public by a hidden shooter. Parking lots and gas stations were no longer safe. A single gunshot would be heard and then someone would fall. Five were shot dead on October 3rd alone. Men, women, and even kids were targets for whoever was behind the attacks. For more than 20 days, the attacks and even taunts from the killer continued until a call alerted authorities to the location of the two responsible for the crimes. But the Beltway attacks were not the whole story. John Allen Muhammad and his teenage co-conspirator Lee Boyd Malvo wanted to terrorize the public and bring the system down. 

They Walk Among Us – Season 1 – Episode 17:

In 2004, Sydney Blackwell, a retired accountant, and his wife Jacqueline, an antiques dealer, lived in the village of Melling in Merseyside. It’s an affluent area with green fields, old churches, and quaint cottages. They shared their home with their 18-year-old son, Brian. As Sydney sat in his favorite chair, his son attacked him with a claw hammer and then proceeded to stab his mother 15 times.

Misconduct – Ep23 – The Disappearance of Sheila Fox:

Sheila Fox was six years old when she disappeared on her way home from school in 1944 in Bolton, Lancashire, England. She was seen leaving the school but never made it home. Conflicting eyewitness accounts were given to investigators, but Sheila was never seen or heard from again. The case remained cold for 57 years. Then in 2001, the investigation became active again because law enforcement received a new tip. This was the first credible tip they had received in over half a century. Unfortunately, the tip went nowhere, but questions arose about other incidents in the area. Was Sheila an isolated incident? Or was there a serial offender responsible for multiple attacks in the area? 

Canadian True Crime – 07 – The Murder of Tim Bosma:

In 2013, a 32-year-old family man took two potential buyers for a test drive in the truck he was selling. He never returned from that test drive. What happened? Was it about the man or the truck? This is a heinous, senseless murder that shocked the nation and still continues to do so.

True Crime Guys – Carl Panzram:

In 1928, while in jail awaiting trial for robbery and murder, Carl Panzram wrote a 20,000 word summary of his life, up to that point. His writings portray a life of abuse, imprisonment, and his own violent crimes against humanity. How much of his story was true? Was he the product of barbaric reform schools, jails, and prisons? We tell his story and give our take on it.

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