4 Reasons to Start Listening to Podcasts Now

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News, music, politics, economics, true crime, self-improvement, short stories… Podcasts offer unlimited possibilities, making it more and more attractive for creators and storytellers. And millions of people who use mobiles as a source of information and entertainment

Serial played an important role in the popularization of podcasts. Released in October 2014, it was a huge hit with 75 million downloads by the end of the year.

Not yet convinced? Here’s a list of why you should start listening to podcasts right now:


Podcasts are changing the way we consume information

Until very recently, using the internet necessarily meant staring at a computer or laptop screen. Podcasts represent a refreshing alternative – you use your ears instead of your eyes. And there’s an element of human interaction: podcasts put a voice on words. You have genuine human voices telling you a story, rather than reading words from on a screen.


Podcasts redeem your time

Commuting time in America reached 26 minutes on average this year. Podcasts allow you to be informed during a time that would be wasted. You can also listen to podcasts while performing other activities, like exercising, cooking, walking the dog or doing the chores – all you need is your phone.


Podcasts are powerful learning tools

The simple and low-cost nature of audio production has attracted specialists in various fields to create their own podcasts. Whether it is a subject you are interested in or something you are not familiar with, there’s already a podcast about it, waiting for you.


Podcasts are a gateway to new ideas

When it comes to podcasts, there’s only one known frustrating experience: when you reach the final episode of a season or your favorite podcast calls it a day. No need to worry, though: there are hundreds of new podcasts every day. Even major media groups have been investing in the format. What’s more: Otto Radio has personalized playlists according to your interests, and carefully curated collections. You will never run out of podcasts.


The reasons why people consume podcasts may vary, from pure entertainment to the desire to learn more. What are your reasons? So download Otto Radio on your iPhone or Android.



Want to start your own podcast? Check out the advice from Self-Improvement Guru (and Podcaster) Tim Ferriss on how to create a blockbuster.