5 Great Audiobooks To Get You Started

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Audiobooks are an excellent source of information and entertainment while you commute, exercise, cook, or simply relax. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few suggestions.


Audiobook Non-Fiction Recommendation Audible Download PDFRecommended for bookworms

This is the novel Jane Austen would write if she lived in 21st century California. Karen Joy Fowler tells the story of six people who meet for their love of literature. In the course of six months, marriages are tested, affairs begin, unsuitable arrangements become suitable, and love happens. Jane Austen Book Club is a delightful comedy about modern relationships.




Gary Chapman Audiobook Five Love Languages Audible Download PDF

Recommended for life improvement

From the same author of the best-seller The 5 Love LanguagesAnger: Handling a Powerful Emotion in a Healthy Way offers helpful— —insights into why we get angry and what we can do about it. Gary Chapman explains the difference between “”bad” and ““good” anger and teaches us how to use it in a positive way. Narrated by the own author, this audiobook is an essential tool to improve how we handle our emotions.




Crime Novel Audiobook Audible Download PDF

Recommended for crime book fans

Dead Center is a fast-paced thriller with a unique sense of humor. New Jersey attorney Andy Carpenter receives a call for help from the last person he would expect. His ex-girlfriend Laurie, now working for the police in a small town in Wisconsin, needs help with a double homicide. Still in love with her, Andy decides to help and must face the secrets of an ultra-religious community.




Street Gang Audiobook Audible Download PDF

Recommended for the Young at Heart

Street Gang is the compelling and funny story behind Sesame Street, a show that generations of Americans learned to love. The result of a discussion between creators Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett about the poor quality of children’s television, the show became a hit through the hands of Jim Henson, who would later create the Muppets. From its inspiration in the civil rights movement through its many ups and downs, this is the story of a show that has influenced America for generations.




Audiobooks for Dog Lovers Audible Download PDFRecommended for animal lovers

When best-selling mystery writer David Rosenfelt decided to move from California to Maine, he couldn’t just leave behind his family’s best friends. Dogtripping is the fun and heart-warming account of how the Rosenfelts crossed the United States with 25 dogs. If you like dogs, you must listen to this book.