Why Audiobooks Are Getting Better Every Day

One of the Best Ways To Escape Is Through A Great Story

Audiobooks are booming and are only getting better. In 2016 alone, US publishers sold $240 million in audiobooks compared to $1.8 billion in hardcover book sales.

With less leisure time for reading, people are choosing to listen to their books, especially now that smartphones and tablets are making it so convenient. With so many different devices to choose from, being entertained and informed while you’re on the go is easier – and better – than ever before. [/vc_column_text]

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Otto Radio is an app that lets you listen to all the best audiobooks – whenever and wherever you want. Download today and you’ll also get a full library with personalized recommendations just for you.

We all love a good story. What makes audiobooks such a joy is how they celebrate the art of it.
With rising demands and increased spending, audiobook production has gotten way more sophisticated, too. Sound effects and professional narrations make the listening experience better than ever before. Narrators can hypnotize you with their voices and wow you with their delivery. A celebrity-narrated autobiography means you get to hear their story in their own unique voice.

There’s a reason people often say, ‘the book was better.’

Listening to someone tell you a story is an incredibly intimate experience. It’s no surprise that audiobooks have consistently been on the rise.

We’re not forecasting the end of Netflix nights with bae, but we sure are seeing changes in how many of us choose to be entertained. Tuning into an audiobook story might have you binging the same way.

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