4 Reasons to Start Listening to Podcasts Now

Best Podcast App

News, music, politics, economics, true crime, self-improvement, short stories… Podcasts offer unlimited possibilities, making it more and more attractive for creators and storytellers. And millions of people who use mobiles as a source of information and entertainment.  […]

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Otto Radio 2016 Podcasts Of The Year

Discover the top podcasts enjoyed by the Otto Radio community […]

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Otto Radio Brings Personalized News and Podcast Discovery to Samsung Galaxy Users

Finding the right podcasts has always been a tricky task for Android users. That’s because there hasn’t been a dominant app for podcast discovery–until now. But on October 10th, the universe of podcast content and audio news for Android is getting richer. Starting Monday, Samsung will release the Otto Radio app for free exclusively in the Galaxy Apps store. […]

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